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柔伊   插畫設計|插畫教學
柔伊專長使用水彩與鉛筆,創造色彩豐富的畫面。觀察與體驗生活,把各種小細節延伸成插畫創作。同時以花紋設計為創作主要載體,應用延伸為各類型的生活用品。 除創作之外,致力於繪畫教學,有兩年教學資歷。

輔大 應用美術系 視學傳達 學士 
英國 創意藝術大學 插畫系 碩士 

Urban Select  / Z Day Cafe / SLL 簡單生活實驗室 / illuBase 插畫人基地 / 菜鳥咖啡 / 做吧 / 愛藝享 / 雄獅星空 / 天仁茗茶 / 左岸咖啡 / 統一園之味 / 今生金飾

2014 新一代設計展
2016 UCA MA Graduation Show
2016 英國 Dumpling Heart 台灣小吃 x 創意市集 
2016 英國 Reading Book Fair 
2017 菜鳥咖啡 逃跑計劃個展

2017 找地方坐 夏天的插畫展

2018 台灣文博會 Talent 100


Dpi 雜誌 221期 

Zoe Chuang

Commission Illustration | Art Workshop

Watercolor and color pencil are the main media for me. I often draw inspiration from the nature, such as plants and animals. I also love to transform my illustration to pattern design and make it into different products. Apart from painting, I have been teaching watercolour and art creation for people who enjoy the beauty of life.

Selected Clients (in alphabetical order)

Do It Ceramic Workshop / Golden Life / illuBase / Simple Life Laboratory / TenRen's Tea / Tzuo An coffee / Urban Select /  UNI- PRESIDENT ENTERPRISES CROP. / Let's Create / Link Lion / Z Day Cafe



Dpi Magazine vol. 221

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